Save yourself time and money while improving the overall efficiency of your operation with the proper input and output systems. Let us evaluate your individual needs to find the right setup from the beginning to the end of the process.


Brewing grain auger and bucket elevator

Flex auger from grist hopper to malt mill, chain disk run out.

The conveyor or auger you choose to move your malt and grist is an integral part of your malt handling system, and every bit as important as your malt mill. In turn, it should be viewed as an investment that will pay you back over time by maintaining the integrity of your grist, resulting in higher brewhouse yields and savings on inputs over the life of your brewery - not to mention the savings in labor costs and the back pain you'll avoid by using the right method of conveyance.

"Milling" technically doesn't stop until mash in is complete, and the right conveyor or auger will help insure that you maintain the quality of your malt and grist all the way to the mash tun. A custom designed malt handling system will optimize and streamline the performance of your brewery.

We offer Flex Augers, Rigid Screw Augers, Chain-Disk Conveyors & a variety of other Tubular Drag Conveyors. Available in a wide range of sizes, we're almost certain to have the flex auger, screw auger or conveyor to suit your needs. Check back soon & often as we continue to add content, or contact us below to send an inquiry now!


An extremely reliable, gentle, and maintenance-free conveyance for moving grain vertically, bucket elevators are a great solution for any size facility. Contact us below for a custom quote.


Loading a bulk bag stand

Loading bulk bag stands.

Bulk bag stands are a great option for a mid-sized brewing or distilling operation, or for specialty recipe ingredients that wouldn't require the volume of storage in a silo.

We provide customized unloading stations for bulk bags up to 2500 lbs. Available in epoxy coated carbon or stainless steel. Options such as agitation, hoists, and an array of discharge transitions allow these units to fit into nearly any situation. Please contact us for more info.


Raised spent grain silo with truck discharge

Raised spent grain silo with clearance for truck

Sick of dealing with all those barrels of spent grain by hand? Creating a system to handle your spent grain is just as important as one for your dry malt. Sometimes an afterthought until reaching a certain size, even a smaller startup operation can have issues dealing with spent grain that we can help solve in an affordable way.

Add flexibility and economy in your scheduling to have your spent grain taken away. Conveyance lines, pumps, and storage bins for spent grain are all options that we can customize to your setup to increase productivity, reduce labor and even improve sanitation for your employees.

An Elevated Spent Grain Silo with a drive-thru support structure will simplify the disposal of your brewery spent grain, making it easy to offload into whatever type of trailer will be used to haul it away. A Spent Grain Bin can also help delay the mold & bacterial growth often associated with spent grain storage, reducing foul odors that can upset the neighbors. Your Spent Grain Silo can be equipped with optional spray ball, robust knife gate & discharge auger to help keep it clean and facilitate off-loading.


We are proud to have a great partnership with Netzsch Pumps, one of the oldest and most respected names in the industry. Their comprehensive line-up of durable & affordable pumps is second to none. Countless breweries around the world rely on Netzsch to serve their spent grain removal needs.

Save thousands in labor & avoid unnecessary down time with a progressive cavity spent grain pump from Netzsch. Not only will it save you money, it will save your back!

Click the link below to watch a video from Netzsch.

Cross Section of A NEMO Series Progressive Cavity Pump from Netzsch

Click image above to download a brochure, or contact us below for more details.


Instead of drying spent grains at the end of the brewing process, the wet spent grains can be moved to a silo plant. Spent grains are loaded on trucks by a dosing screw for use as animal fodder or for decomposition in agriculture. For more information, contact us below.


For handling and controlling spent grain in a reliable, efficient manner. Cuts off flow of material to spent grain receptacle.


Ensures the gentlest possible treatment of the product. The combination of air/gas in the conveying pipe and vibration conditions the product into an ideal state for conveying. An ideally compacted bulk is formed, which reduces friction and adhesion to the pipe walls to a minimum.


Craft Automation Controls

Craft Automation Malt Handling Controls.

Let us simplify the brewing process by automating your malt handling equipment. Our control panel connects all the moving pieces of your brewery or distillery into one digital touchscreen. From the silo to mill to spent grain controls, we can automate the weighing, milling, and batching of your ingredients to your exact specifications. Developing consistency in your brewing process helps maximize extraction efficiencies and reduce labor costs. so investing in high-quality automation is almost always worthwhile.

Full scale automation too much for your needs? No problem, we also make more basic controls, from simple start-stop switches to multi-switch control panels. Get in touch with us below to have a conversation about setting up the right system for you.


With our years of experience, we have sourced and fabricated a wide variety of equipment that isn't a part of our regular inventory. That doesn't mean we can't find it, make it, or work with it! Don't hesitate to ask us if you don't see something you had in mind.